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Virtual Office Services

Your Virtual Boardroom

The future is here, The future is now

From designing your unique Avatars to providing virtual office space Blade Web Design will take care of the complete project for you Imagine having a virtual conference centre or office space that is open 24/7 with no staff overheads Imagine your staff and colleagues being able to log in for a meeting while still sitting at home or staying in a hotel in Moscow Imagine a world where you can chair a meeting with clients around the globe at a time that suits you With virtual reality services the only limits are your imagination

No matter how large or small we can cater for your needs, from a small office to conduct those impromptu meetings to a conference hall for large presentations, We can even arrange for one of our dedicated virtual staff to host your meeting for you and your clients. If you can imagine a future where your staff can work from any location day or night, your conferencing costs are slashed, meetings can be completed with just an internet connection from anywhere in the world, you can communicate with your clients via voice or textual services while keeping full logs of the communication, then you too can see the potential in virtual reality services

Our Service

As part of our service full on line training will be given to your key staff to enable you to maximise on the potential of virtual reality within the workplace.

As you can imagine prices will vary tremendously on your own unique needs, just contact us with your thoughts and requirements for a full no obligation quotation. Virtual services will be tailor made to suit your current needs and can be expanded upon as your business grows

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